Complete Fee Schedule

How Much FriendSpend Can YOU Earn?™
Fee Type Cost How to Waive
New Account (One-time charge) $3.99 Load $20 during enrollment*
Monthly Service Charge(Charged 1st day of each calendar month) $4.99 Load $750 in previous month**
Replacement Card $4.99 It's your first replacement in 6 months***
Expedited Shipment of Replacement Card $30.00 It's your first expedited card in 12 months and you have direct deposit loading on your card****
ATM & Over-the-Counter Cash(per transaction)
ATM Withdrawal at one of over 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATM No Fee Do nothing
ATM Withdrawal at a Non-Surcharge Free ATM/Cash Transaction - Financial Institution (Domestic and International) $3.00 Stick to Surcharge Free ATMs
Other Fees
International Purchase Fee 2% of Purchase Sorry...Not much you can do here, except buy domestic :)